Highway Drug Interdiction

                                                                                Volume XXIV - 2nd Edition


"So You Want to Find the Mother Load?"

Here are the Surefire Secrets of Highway Drug Interdiction Revealed 

by Andrew Hawkes, Author of "Secrets of Successful Highway Drug Interdiction"

o why do some cops bring in huge drug hauls so easily while you struggle to find a dime bag? 


What if there was a way you could find 10lbs, 50lbs, or even 400lbs of dope?


Are you a cop who eats, sleeps, and breathes highway drug interdiction or aspire to be an interdiction officer? 


Are you the cop that never, ever, gets off the highway in fear of missing that mother load that may drive by? 


Do you even take a sack lunch with you so you don't have to get off the highway to eat?


If you could read just one article about how to turn into a drug finding machine, this is it

Highway Drug Interdiction


"Officer Hawkes delivered a well planned session on Highway Interdiction, he then worked extensively with our narcotic detection dog and its handler. Andrew's expertise in this area is unmatched in my estimation. "
--Timothy Smith, Chief of Police



After 17 years of highway drug interdiction, 500 felony arrests, 5,100 pounds in drug seizures, and over $20 million (drugs, cash and vehicles), I have learned a lot of drug-busting techniques that I want to share with you.


Highway Drug Interdiction


If you are...(Check the box that applies to you.)

Wondering how other interdiction officers make the big busts

Ambitious to get the "Mother Load"  of all busts

Envious of other officers who stand in front of photos with hundreds of pounds dope

Ready to be recognized for your hard work

...you are about to discover secrets that skyrocketed my career.


Highway Drug Interdiction


Highway Drug Interdiction

Tip #3:   "If you really want to be successful at highway drug interdiction then turn OFF your radar.  DRUG HAULERS DON'T SPEED!"


Highway Drug Interdiction



Many rookie police officers often ask me:


Q: "Should I really turn off my radar?"


A:  "Yes! By looking down at your radar you are missing 

       indicators that are passing you by on the highway."


Highway Drug Interdiction




"There's no better adrenaline rush than opening a trunk with over 200lbs of marijuana.  Andrew, thanks for the hard work you put into your book."
~Tim Barnes, Lieutenant


Stay At Home Dad Business

Indicator #18:  "Passengers that DON'T know each others' names is a strong indicator of drug trafficking."


Highway Drug Interdiction


So what's in it for me?
  • Make huge drug busts like clockwork

  • Stop wasting time on small time offenders

  • Get recognized by your peers

  • Do your part to protect our children

  • Make a REAL impact in the war on drugs

  • Earn the reputation as a top interdiction officer

  • Get promoted up the ranks fast

  • Help your department get media exposure

  • Seize cash and vehicles

  • Become a hard-core interdiction officer

  • Feel the rush of finding the Mother Load!



Caution:  "After you start bringing in one huge mother load after another, don't be surprised when your supervisors and fellow officers start asking what your secret is."



Highway Drug Interdiction


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After watching these free videos and reading my article on PoliceOne.com, you will fully understand why trying to make a big bust without the help of a highly-trained interdiction officer is NOT the way to go.


Tip #47 - "Always stack your dope load on the hood of your squad car so the jury gets a great picture of it from your in-dash camera."



"After I made my first bust, I never wanted to write a ticket again...I was instantly hooked.  Thank you for your help Officer Hawkes.
--Russell Phelps, Deputy Sheriff



Highway Drug Interdiction


"Secrets of Successful Highway Interdiction"


Chapter 1   - Instinct and Indicators
Chapter 2   - Playing the Percentages in Your Favor
Chapter 3   - Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Suspicion
Chapter 4   - The Contact and Interview 
Chapter 5   - The Investigation
Chapter 6   - Vehicle Search Techniques & Hidden Compartments

Chapter 7 -   Use of K-9

Chapter 8   - Arrest & Post Investigation

Chapter 9   - Report Articulation
Chapter 10  - Fourth Amendment & Racial Profiling
Bonus Chapter - Courtroom Demeanor

Highway Drug Interdiction


"The Secrets" + 3 KILLER Bonuses!

  • #1 - Traffic Stop Videos - Watch these videos to learn what to do and not do on an interdiction stop.

  • #2 - Top Questions to ask during Contact and Interview - Use this bonus to question potential drug haulers.

  • #3 - Top Ten Mistakes Rookie Officers Make-  Use this bonus to avoid the most common mistakes rookies make.



All of the bonuses will become available to you online as soon as you buy one of my e-books!

= The Price (Less than 1 hour of off duty work...) 

For the price of working less than 1 hour of off duty work, you can get your hands on the secret tools veteran interdiction officers have been using for years. Only $29.95

If you were to sit down and try to find all of the information that is out there on highway drug interdiction, you could be looking at least 200 hours of research and waste a lot of your time and money.  By following the tips and procedures I've outlined in my e-book you will have ALL of the knowledge you need to bring down your first big bust.  

The kit also includes 3 Bonuses that will show you step-by-step how to be the top Highway Drug Interdiction officer in your jurisdiction. 

Highway Drug Interdiction



Highway Drug Interdiction

Tip #36-  "Be sure to turn on the A/C unit to see if the vents blow air, if they do not then that may mean there is a load of dope inside of it."


When you buy my e-book, The Secrets of Successful Highway Drug Interdiction you will get the e-book, two traffic stop videos, and all of the bonuses for just $29.95.

Now you may be thinking that is low but since you are downloading all of this directly from the Internet there is no additional costs to me. 

100% Guarantee Risk Free for 30 days I am so confident that my e-book will help you become a successful interdiction officer that I guarantee the results for 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied then I will personally refund your money.



"You miss 100% of the shots you never take. "
--Wayne Gretzky



Highway Drug Interdiction



NOTE: If you attempt to impersonate a peace officer to make a purchase you will be prosecuted.





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Highway Drug Interdiction    Highway Drug Interdiction


The Secrets of Successful Highway Drug Interdiction is the accumulation of over 17 years of my experience and training in this specialized area of Law Enforcement. I hope and pray that you can truly benefit from it to help you maximize your interdiction success rate. 


Stay Safe,

Highway Drug Interdiction

Andrew G. Hawkes, B.A.A.S.

Secrets of Successful Highway Drug Interdiction



P.S. - Hire Lt. Hawkes! I am also available to deliver drug interdiction courses to your law enforcement organization. For scheduling contact: Andrew@DrugInterdictionTraining.com


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Highway Drug Interdiction


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